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I know you're interested in learning how to make money on the Internet. If you weren't you wouldn't have clicked through to this web page. And I'm sure you already realize the fantastic benefits of owning your own business.

To help you get on the FAST TRACK to online profits... to give you a Joint Venture marketing foundation SO strong that you can leap over any learning curves with lightning speed...

I've decided to do something "extra special" for YOU - by adding FOUR extraordinary Premium Bonus gifts.

Premium Package includes:


Partner In Profits PREMIUM Package

Premium Bonus #1

"How to Extend Your Reach With Joint Venture Content Collaboration"

(1 Audio file, 46:33 minutes on MP3 format)

By 2017, 25 percent of organizations will lose their market position due to "digital business incompetence". What's needed is a strategic rethinking of how people and customers engage with your company using your own content.

It's time to get serious about creating a digital strategy that enables new and more effective ways of engaging potential new customers. But leveraging tools and technologies alone will not suffice.

How to Extend Your Reach With Joint Venture Content Collaboration, Premium Bonus #1

Do you create awesome JV content other businesses might find interesting? Have you considered JV content collaboration with other people? On this bonus, you'll discover tips like:

  • What are three simple benefits of content collaborating partnering.

  • How an athletic company partner with a guitar center and create a series of videos to both filling their needs.

  • Come up with a revenue goal - discover what access to 10 percent of the partner's customers would mean to your bottom line and see if it's worth it.

  • The most common mistakes online marketers make with content collaboration - and much more.

Keep in mind: before you start a joint venture content collaboration, you must have a crystal clear understanding of who your audience is and what other content (or brands) they already like.

(Valued at $27.00 - Yours Free!)

Partner In Profits Premium Package


Partner In Profits PREMIUM Package

Premium Bonus #2

"Out of the Darkness - The Heart and Soul of Profit Systems"

(10 Audio files - more than 3 hours on MP3 format)

Is your business experiencing declining sales? Are you currently frustrated because you're spending thousands of dollars on yellow page ads, radio and tv commercials and newspaper ads and getting little to no results?

And are you slashing your prices, taking huge losses and making less and less money?

Out of the Darkness The Heart and Soul of Profit Systems, Premium Bonus #2

Right now I am going to show you how to transform lagging and slow sale months into record-setting quarters that will allow you to not only create the business you've always dreamed of, but also to live life on your own terms:

  • The top four ways to get your lead capture bait in front of leads who want what you're selling.

  • Six ways to get your marketing message in front of your target market without spending a fortune.

  • 11 types of loyalty programs that you can set up in less than 30 days that will generate a horde of prospects to your business.

  • The 3 types of strategic marketing partnerships that you can get started and profiting from in less than 30 days!

You'll get all the tips techniques that'll allow you to create and setup proven marketing and business building systems.

(Valued at $67.00 - Yours Free!)

Partner In Profits Premium Package


Partner In Profits PREMIUM Package

Premium Bonus #3

"Hashtag Traffic Secrets Exposed: Failure Is Not An Option!"

(9 Video files and a 22-pages PDF report)

In terms of social media, #hashtags were first found on Twitter and slowly have found themselves used on all other social media channels. Facebook was the most recent social media site to get on board and add the # functionality.

Hashtag Traffic Secrets Exposed Failure Is Not An Option, Premium Bonus #3

Twitter shows the top hashtags in the Trends section of its homepage. Imagine being able to tap into the hottest hashtags. So how much traffic can you get from this? Well, the amount of traffic you get really depends on how interesting your conversion is and how it relates to the hashtag you chose.

You can use #hashtags on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest and they can bring great results on all these platforms. However before you even consider using a #hashtag you really need to think about what you are wanting to say.

Grab this video course and start researching highly-demanded Hashtag keywords ... thereby allowing you to enter people's conversations while their guard is down so that you can ultimately promote your products and services.

(Valued at $97.00 - Yours Free!)

Partner In Profits Premium Package


Partner In Profits PREMIUM Package

Premium Bonus #4

"Shhhh... Listen! Do You Hear The
Sound Of Money?"

- HotSeat Joint Venture Coaching Call -

(30:52 minutes Audio file on MP3 format)

Joint Venture Coaching is a process that helps you understand exactly what you want, why you want it, and how to get a profitable deal. It is a journey that provides you with lasting changes, fulfillment and sustainable results. JV coaching provides focus and skills to help you move towards attaining what you desire.

Shhhh... Listen Do You Hear The Sound Of Money, Premium Bonus #4

In this coaching call, you'll discover:

  • What Tom Cruise's famous movie character Jerry Maguire has to do with joint venturing!

  • Why it is crucial to FIRST determine market demand for your products.

  • The "Hub Strategy"that entices and mesmerizes potential joint venture partners into selling 1,000's of dollars worth of your products every year.

  • Spend less time and money on marketing and focus your energy and efforts on creating new products for your JV partners to sell for you.

Maybe you have never run a business before and are unsure of your suitability. Or perhaps you have never run a business in this area before and would like to know if you could make a successful transition. If so, please download this bonus immediately and achieve total financial freedom by doing what you love.

(Valued at $20.00 - Yours Free!)

Partner In Profits Premium Package

Don't Miss This Opportunity - Upgrade
to Partner In Profits Deluxe Package
and Claim Your 8 Extra Gifts!

Today I am offering you everything that you need to finally start seeing the success online that you've been desperately chasing after. I'm sure you're just wondering what I will charge you for all this, right? To be upfront and honest with you, many other marketers would charge you hundreds of dollars for everything I am sharing with you today.

However, helping other people succeed as much as possible is one thing that I enjoy in life, and because of that, you will not have to pay that much to get access. First, let me show you what's inside of this package:

Deluxe Package includes:


Partner In Profits DELUXE Package

Deluxe Bonus #1

"Murder Your Competition: JV Broker Confessions!"

(1 Audio file, 58:24 minutes on MP3 format)

This audio recording goes through the critical steps you need to take to create huge joint venture deals so you can get OTHER people to sell your product or service for you! You won't find this information in ANY textbook. And the stuck-up professors residing in the Ivory Tower of today's universities are absolutely CLUELESS about these strategies.

Folks, this is player material, pure and simple! You'll discover TONS of tips on how to build relationships with other marketers, the secret to approaching people in seminars, and how to structure your JV deal.

Murder Your Competition: JV Broker Confessions, Deluxe Bonus #1

In fact, I'm going to go out on a limb and say these strategies should be mandatory in your internet marketing business. The marketers who are "lone rangers" are the ones who get left behind in the internet marketing race!

Listen, you can go into a Barnes and Noble or a Borders bookstore and blow $67 on a cheesy business book that's full of theory from some Harvard professor - something that's NOT going to make you money anytime soon.

Why not SAVE that $67 right now and download this bonus gift full of actionable steps for getting fantastic joint venture deals as soon as tomorrow. There's NO filler here... this is stuff you can implement in your business as soon as you listen to the audio!

(Valued at $19.00 - Yours Free!)

Partner In Profits Deluxe Package


Partner In Profits DELUXE Package

Deluxe Bonus #2

"499 Words and Phrases That Land Profitable Joint Venture Deals"

(37-pages PDF report)

Beyond any marketing strategy, beyond EVEN a joint venture... there is ONE thing that will make or break your business or deal in record time: your copywriting style!

Let me ask you this: do you have any idea how much a GOOD copywriter costs? If you search on the Internet, you'll discover that price tags of $10,000 to $15,000 for one sales letter (plus 5-10% royalties on gross sales generated) are pretty common.

A top copywriter like John Carlton gets $20,000 for a single AD. Now think about HOW MUCH it will cost you to hire him to write a compelling joint venture offer. Shocked? You shouldn't be!

499 Words and Phrases That Land Profitable Joint Venture Deals, Deluxe Bonus #2

But you know what? Even a top notch copywriter can get you lousy results! That's right: even if you hire a professional copywriter, your sales can be zero.

So what do you do? It's simple: learn how to write great copy yourself! This way you can make many times the profits you are making now without paying a penny to other expensive copywriters.

If you're (still) struggling trying to convert your words into cash and want a proven, practical system to quickly overcome everything that's holding you back from the wealth you truly deserve... then you need to use this collection of words and phrases that guarantee you tremendous copy success.

(Valued at $27.00 - Yours Free!)

Partner In Profits Deluxe Package


Partner In Profits DELUXE Package

Deluxe Bonus #3

"The Forbidden Truth About Instant
Cash Magnets"

(10 Audio files - 152:21 minutes in MP3 format)

Picture this - you make ten sales today, at $17.00 a pop. Congratulations, you just made $170.00. Now imagine that you have a recurring income generator and you make those same ten sales.

You made $170 today, plus $27 per month for as long as your customers remain members. Assume they stay members for four months, you just made $1,080.00 over four months from a one-time effort - not bad!

Meanwhile you continue to make daily sales and your income grows by leaps and bounds. You are well on your way to creating a substantial and reliable monthly income.

The Forbidden Truth About Instant Cash Magnets, Deluxe Bonus #5

Watch the video tutorials to explore...

  • How to quickly and easily build the foundation for your cash machines without breaking the bank.

  • Learn the "A to Z of Online Advertising" in 10 minutes flat - no neuro science degree required.

  • Discover what unique product or service to create that will make your competition scratching their heads (and wondering how the heck you did it).

  • Setup the "auto-pilot" framework for your business and your customers will keep on buying from you, time-and-time-again.

  • Use the hybrid method to attract people who'll become some of your best customers (and your marketing "worker bees" at the same time).

The methods in this course are crazy simple. You just need to have the right mindset to follow the plan - because doing that will get you instant payments now and in the future. Once you "get" that part and you believe it, you will be able to take the steps I am showing you with confidence. They key, as always, will be getting started!

(Valued at $67.00 - Yours Free!)

Partner In Profits Deluxe Package


Partner In Profits DELUXE Package

Deluxe Bonus #4

"Turn Into A Powerful JV DealMaker
With Linkedin Profit Strategies"

(12 Video files on MP4 format)

Are you ready for an information-packed video tutorial dedicated to showing you how to use LinkedIn to attract potential JV partners in 5 actionable steps... and do this on a repeated basis?

You know, LinkedIn isn't just for professionals and job seekers. People do business with people, so make sure that you always have a relationship-focused mindset. LinkedIn members are there to develop and grow their professional network and gain valuable insights - always keep this information on your head!

Turn Into A Powerful JV DealMaker With Linkedin Profit Strategies, Deluxe Bonus #4

Linkedln is by far the perfect social media platform to connect with like-minded individuals. And LinkedIn marketing requires a different type of approach to get the results you want. This video course include:

  • How to position yourself as an expert in your field and persuade them to try out your products or services.

  • The exact steps your need to take and write a compelling, intriguing, and throat pulling profile that'd literally attract potential JV partners.

  • How to craft winning offers. (Do this right and you're practically guaranteed a flood of new customers - even if you write your pitch with crayon on a brown paper bag!)

  • Why the last thing you should ever think about is the product or service you are selling - this one will give you tremendous power to dominate any niche.

  • The one thing that millions are craving for... and almost nobody is giving to them. Yeah, it's not what are you thinking about!

  • What keep potential JV partners up at night and how to come up with offerss that'll eliminate their pain.

This is the best possible opportunity that I can give you quickly to start getting influential connections and potential JV partners on Linkedln for the next few days. Now the choice is yours. Go ahead and make your move now, or lose out!

(Valued at $127.00 - Yours Free!)

Partner In Profits Deluxe Package


Partner In Profits DELUXE Package

Deluxe Bonus #5

"The Do's and Don'ts Of Lead
Generation Mastery"

(15 Video files on MP4 format)

Most people have no idea what lead generation is and that's not the worst yet. Some marketers don't even have a list! It's not as difficult or complicated as it sounds. On these video files you'll be able to discover how to generate targeted, qualified leads for your business using smart, cost-effective strategies.

The Do's and Don'ts Of Lead Generation Mastery, Deluxe Bonus #5

There's no point in wasting your time and effort and doing things by trial and error. Here's just a taste of what I have inside for you:

  • Killer tips on how to persuade your joint venture partners to build your list without lifting a finger!

  • The real secrets behind techniques to optimize your landing page to convert more of your visitors to become subscribers.

  • Learn to write responsive emails to keep your readers engaged and look forward to your emails.

  • How to email every day - if you want - without getting excessive unsubscribes or complaints... all while cashing in big-time!

  • Supercharge your list building efforts by using the power of give away events.

Don't make the mistake of not building a list. Avoid the learning curve by using this lead generation system and get a headstart for your online business.

(Valued at $127.00 - Yours Free!)

Partner In Profits Deluxe Package


Partner In Profits DELUXE Package

Deluxe Bonus #6

"Create An Info Product Empire
From Scratch"

(11 Video files on MP4 format)

The Internet is full of misinformation and shiny advertisements promising the next big secret... they'll do their best to convince you about that. With the amount of "noise" to filter through, it's easy to lose focus and continue "spinning your wheels".

Many entrepreneurs jump from idea to idea and years down the line, find that they haven't actually implement anything. The difference between successes and failures is that successful people have found a plan that works and stick to it.

Create An Info Product Empire From Scratch, Deluxe Bonus #6

On this video course you're going through every stage involved in the creation and sale of info products. As you'll see, creating info products is actually very easy - turning them into massive sellers it's a little more challenging.

Here's what you'll get inside:

  • The product creation formula - proven insider secrets that big companies have been using for decades even though they will never admit it.

  • What tools do you need to create hot-selling products in such a way that people will be eager to buy it.

  • How to write highly persuasive copy that drives massive sales!

  • Learn to build an army of affiliate marketers who can drastically increase your sales and profits.

This is one of the exact plan that has enabled myself and dozens of my coaching clients to quit their day jobs, escape the rat race and live the laptop lifestyle. If you're the type of person that can follow instructions and avoid distractions, you will achieve a "day job replacing income" pretty soon.

(Valued at $97.00 - Yours Free!)

Partner In Profits Deluxe Package


Partner In Profits DELUXE Package

Deluxe Bonus #7

"Offline Master Profits"

(2 volumes in PDF format - 156 pages)

Can you really drive traffic to your joint venture offer by the bucketful with offline advertising? Yes!

If you've been running your online business without offline advertising support, you've been doing it all wrong (and missing out on extra profits)! The best entrepreneurs have been advertising in proven "real-world" mediums for years with amazing success.

Offline Master Profits, Deluxe Bonus #7

Even if you're a complete amateur with no business or advertising experience, using this report you'll learn exactly where to go to start putting your partnership offer in front of the masses. Just look what you'll learn inside...

  • 9 proven ways to advertise that do NOT involve the Internet.

  • The insider's secret to picking the most profitable type of magazine. (There are three varieties which are not all equal!)

  • Why the best ad placers are sometimes skeptical of newspaper advertising.

  • The secret to getting ads into newspapers and magazines for free.

  • How to always prosper during RECESSIONS!

If you're not advertising your website offline, you're missing out on huge profits! It's like leaving a $100 bill in the street! You just shouldn't do it...

(Valued at $39.00 - Yours Free!)

Partner In Profits Deluxe Package


Partner In Profits DELUXE Package

Deluxe Bonus #8

"Mass Control Revealed!"

(63:24 minutes Audio file on MP3 format)

This is a no holds barred interview with marketing mastermind Frank Kern. Inside you'll get to hear some of the best marketing advice, tips and tricks you'll find online today... it's packed with pure marketing gold.

You can get the insider story on this year's most eagerly anticipated and talked about product launches and discover the core principles of Mass Control that you can use in your business. Prepare to be blown away!

Mass Control Revealed, Deluxe Bonus #8

Here's just a little of what you'll hear in this private audio interview:

  • How to instantly overcome the three reasons why people don't buy your products (Once you learn to eliminate these major concerns you'll triple your regular profits).

  • How Mass Control will minimize your workflow and get your more sales (Learn how to work less and make more - twisted but true!)

  • How Mass Control generated $360 from every subscriber on a 50,000 size list (Think you need a 'big' list? Think again - you can do this today even with just a handful of subscribers).

  • A powerful sales technique that'll put people into a near psychotic buying frenzy (This is completely different from what is being taught right now and it'll set your sales on fire!)

This is your chance to finally get on the inside track, to discover just what it takes and exactly how it feels, to command a million dollar product launch.

If you want to know exactly how to control an army of prospects hungry for your next big sale, there's one person you should be listening too. He's been the guy behind most of the biggest and profitable launches in the last couple of years... Frank Kern!

(Valued at $49.00 - Yours Free!)

Partner In Profits Gold Package

The 100% Money-Back Guarantee Pledge: If Any Of
My Strategies Don't Get You AT LEAST ONE Joint Venture
Partner Within 56-Days From Your Order, I'll Refund Your
Partner In Profits guarantee

So if you're serious about starting your own professional, profitable, FUN joint venture business in record time, or making your existing online business even MORE successful than it is right now, as you read this... the Partner In Profits Deluxe Package is the ONLY system that can help you get there!

Partner In Profits

And Here's What You Get On Partner In Profits!

Now let's count everything you'll get when you'll take advantage of this incredible Social Media Joint Venture home study course...

Partner In Profits Basic Package ($475.00 worth of value) includes:

Partner In Profits Basic Package

What You Get Value Format
Partner In Profits Main eBook $97.00 8 chapters full of tips, 340-pages on PDF format
Top-Notch Reports and Resources Inside the PiP
Home Study Course
$167.00 bunch of Audio and Video files, PDF books/reports
Joint Venture X-Files $47.00 2 PDF's jam-packed with advanced JV tactics
Learn How To Manipulate Social Media Like A JV Pro $67.00 6 Video files on MP4 format
"Mystery" Video $97.00 26-minute Video files on MP4 format

Partner In Profits Premium Package which includes the Basic Package plus 4 premium gifts:

Partner In Profits Premium Package

What You Get Value Format
Partner In Profits Basic Package $475.00 multiple Audio and Video files, PDF books/reports
How to Extend Your Reach With Joint Venture Content Collaboration $27.00 1 Audio with 46:33 minutes on MP3 format
Out of the Darkness - The Heart and Soul of Profit Systems $67.00 10 Audio files - over 3 hours on MP3 format
Hashtag Traffic Secrets Exposed: Failure Is Not
An Option!
$97.00 9 Video files plus a 22-pages PDF report
Shhhh... Listen! Do You Hear The Sound Of Money? $20.00 30:52 minutes Audio file, MP3 format

TOTAL VALUE = $686.00

Partner In Profits Deluxe Package includes Premium Package plus 8 more deluxe bonuses:

Partner In Profits Deluxe Package

What You Get Value Format
Partner In Profits Premium Package $686.00 dozens of Audio and Video files, PDF books/reports (include Basic Package)
Murder Your Competition:
JV Broker Confessions
$19.00 1 Audio with 58:24 minutes on MP3 format
499 Words and Phrases
That Land Profitable Joint
Venture Deals
$27.00 37-pages PDF report
The Forbidden Truth About Instant Cash Magnets $67.00 10 Audio files, 152:21 minutes on MP3 format
Turn Into A Powerful JV DealMaker With Linkedin Profit Strategies $127.00 12 Video files on MP4 format
The Do's and Don'ts Of Lead Generation Mastery $127.00 15 Video files on MP4 format
Create An Info Product
Empire From Scratch
$97.00 11 Videos on MP4 format
Offline Master Profits $39.00 2 volumes in PDF format - 156 pages
Mass Control Revealed $49.00 63:24 minutes Audio file on MP3 format


All that's left is for you is to take action. Decide now to take charge of your financial future, and actually give yourself a real chance at making money on the Internet. Click the "Add to Cart" button below to get this Deluxe Package right now while the price is still low!

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